Programming With Ruby Episode 18, Out Into The World

Covered In This Episode:

  • Where to go from here
  • Books
  • Libraries
  • A few other things…


Hello Everybody and welcome to Programming With Ruby Episode 18, Out
Into The World. I’m Tyler and this video is brought to you by

In this episode I will be telling you where to go from here, now that
you know the basics of Ruby. I’ll show you some books, some common
libraries. And I’ll go over a few more things.

Where to go from here

Now that this series is almost done, you may be wondering what you
should do. First, I recommend you start writing your own
programs. Find something you would like to write and just try writing

You may also want to read a few other resources like books and online
tutorials about Ruby for things I didn’t cover and to reinforce what
you have learned.

For books I would recommend:

  • Beginning Ruby, From Novice to Professional
  • The Ruby Programming Language

If you are trying to make something, but can’t do it with Ruby alone,
here are some libraries in a few common areas. I won’t be providing
links, but a quick Google search will find them for you.

Web Development

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Sinatra
  • Merb

Game Development

  • Rubygame
  • rubysdl
  • Gosu


  • rspec
  • cucumber


  • RMagic

GUI Toolkits

  • Ruby-WxWidgets
  • Ruby-GNOME2
  • Shoes

If you need a library for something I didn’t cover, you can check
Ruby’s documentation at, you can try and find a project
by searching at and If all else fails, just
Google it.

This is actually the end of the episode, but though this video is
purported as the end of the series, there is going to be at least one
more video, so stay tuned.

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