Programming With Ruby Episode 1, Introduction

Covered in this episode:

  • What this series is about
  • A Short History of programming languages
  • What is Ruby (and who makes it)
  • What is Ruby used for
  • Who am I
  • Why am I teaching this


Hello everybody and welcome to Programming with Ruby Episode 1, Introduction

What this series is about
By the end of this series you should be able to effectively use the programming language, Ruby

Short History of Programming Languages
when it all first started out, everything was just 1s and 0s, it was hard to use, and difficult to debug
then it got a little better when assembly came along. You had words like MOV that translated into the corresponding 1s and 0s. compiled by and assembler
then came COLBOL and FORTRAN
then C, which was better, but still sucked
then C++ which brought object orientation to the world
then Python and Ruby. they are both object oriented and very easy to use.

What is Ruby?
A programming language, that supports many different kinds of programming paradigms, and is fully object oriented
Ruby was created by Yuukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
Matz designed Ruby to be natural, not simple. I think he achieved that.

What is Ruby Used For?
Ruby is used a lot for Web Applications
Computer Administration
Task Automation
Game Programming
And almost anything else
The only thing you might want to stay away from are things that are computationally expensive, like image processing.

Who am I?
I am Tyler J Church
I run the sites Man With Code ( and ruby game dev (

Why am I Teaching This?
It is the tutorial I never had. I was look for something like this when I started learning Ruby. I didn’t want to read a bunch, I wanted to watch videos, but nothing like that existed
I think video is the best way to learn
I want to give back to the community. That brought me Ruby, that helped me learn. Thank You!

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