by Tyler on December 29th, 2010

I don’t like doing this, but I think it’s for the better. I started this website back in March of 2009, and it’s been fun! As far as I can tell, I’ve helped a lot of people, and I’ve learned quite a bit myself. I had big plans for Man With Code, and while those aren’t going away, they are moving to the back burner. Everything to do with Man With Code is going on an indefinite hiatus for me.

Why am I doing this? Well, life happened. My focus has been shifting to other things, and I don’t have the same drive to work on Man With Code as I used to. It’s obvious that I’ve been neglecting Man With Code for some time, and instead giving you all a bunch of empty promises, and having them take up space in my mind, I figured it would be better to just close up shop.

What this means for you

You, as a reader/viewer of the Man With Code tutorials, can expect a few things:

  1. The website will still be here, I don’t have enough money in donations to keep it going, but I’ll fund the difference out of my own pocket to keep the website online for another year
  2. There won’t be any new tutorials written or recorded by me
  3. I will still do my best to respond to comments and emails and answer any questions anyone has
  4. If anyone would like to contribute to Man With Code to keep it alive, I’m more than happy to share the website and YouTube channel with you

Hopefully I’m moving on to greener pastures, though I have a feeling I’ll wind up back at Man With Code sometime in the future. Until then, happy coding! Have fun! 🙂

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  1. Daz permalink

    That’s ok, these things happen. But thanks to you I’m using Linux now, and am learning Ruby.

    many thanks, and hopefully things will be back to normal for you soon.

  2. Bob permalink

    Just found your site and have been checking our your videos. Great stuff. Thanks for teaching and making this great resource available to everyone…Bob

  3. Patrick permalink

    If you can find the time could you at least finish writing out the last three episodes of making games with ruby? There were some things in those episodes I really wanted to know. For example, using mouse commands would be extremely useful in other games.

    • If I can find the time, I will, odds are I won’t be able to though. If you really want them, donate. Money goes a long way towards showing appreciation and motivating people, and I’m no exception.

  4. Leah permalink

    Master please return from the dark side. Your pupils need you. We still have so much to learn.

  5. Thnx tyler for everything your channel on youtube was awesome.. I have some space on my Hosting box.. you can mail me your requirements.. and I’ll try my best to keep it running… thnx again

  6. Sebastian permalink

    Shame to see that this happened, your tutorials really helped getting me into programming when I started out 2 years ago.

    I always felt that your work deserved more views and attention that it have gotten.

  7. david permalink

    i stumbled upon this today and saw some of the ruby videos.

    thanks for all of your help.
    good luck with everything!

  8. Blue permalink

    I really think you’re a great man who teaches, pretty much everyone here about Ruby Programming both with Games and without.
    I really wish I could help you keep this website up and running.
    But I hope that you’ll somehow get through with it.

    I thank you for teaching me about Ruby Programming and Ruby Programming with Games, and I thank you for helping everyone here. ^^

    Thanks again for your help.

    P.S : Can’t you do videos like the YouTube’ers do and earn money?
    P.S.S : Thanks again Tyler!

    • Thanks! I’m glad my tutorials have been helpful to you! 🙂

      “Can’t you do videos like the YouTube’ers do and earn money?” When you don’t get millions and millions of views on each video, you don’t make very much money off of the ads or anything. As of today, I have 179,136 total views, and I’ve made just over $100 off the ads since 2009. That’s not per year or anything, that’s total. You need a TON of views to make money just for having YouTube videos. I’ve made more money off of donations, but almost all of that has gone to the website hosting costs.